Church History

Church History

Brief History of New Covenant Presbyterian Church

In 1947 a group of 30 to 50 people met at Reinhardt School for Vesper Services led by various Dallas Presbyterian Ministers. In November of that year, The Covenant Presbyterian Church was formed to serve the rapidly growing Casa Linda area. Various other locations were used for holding services in those early years including backyards, Reinhart School, Bedford’s Steakhouse located at 10800 Garland Road, and then in a store front at 9913 Garland Road (just west of where the Walgreens Drug Store on Garland and Peavy Road). The name was soon changed to Casa Linda Presbyterian when they purchased 4 ½ acres at 9353 Garland Road and began the construction of their first building in late 1950.

In 1985, because of a decreased view of Scripture and liberal movement within the Presbyterian Church, USA, the congregation voted to withdraw and affiliate with the Presbyterian Church in America denomination. They changed their name to Casa Linda Presbyterian Church, PCA. During the next several years, they fought to hold on to the building on Garland Road and keep their name. However, in 1987 the church lost the court battle, and they lost the property and their name. The name was changed from Casa Linda Presbyterian Church, PCA to New Covenant Presbyterian Church, PCA in January 1988. After meeting for nearly a year for early services in Lakeview Christian Church under the leadership of a former Assistant Minister Jon Crow, who served as Stated Supply (October 1, 1987 – March 14, 1988), Music Director Devon Hamilton, and Youth Minister Jim Carmack, and a new minister, Rev. Charlie Chase, was called. The property on 2525 North Buckner Blvd. was purchased from Faith Baptist Church for $650,000.00. The first worship service in this new location was Easter Sunday, April 3, 1988.

Pastor Charlie Chase assumed leadership responsibilities for the approximately 300 members in January 1988, and Mr. Jean Duller served as Administrative Assistant to oversee the renovation of the newly purchased facilities. The house was turned into children’s classrooms, nursery and offices. Dividers were made to separate three adult classes which met in the gym, the former office building was turned into a youth house, and the kitchen was equipped to handle Wednesday night meals. Some 20 families assumed to role of guarantees for the mortgage, and several members gave special funds purchase Bibles and Hymnals, and to replace the lights in the sanctuary. Bill Willis was hired to make a new cross and communion table. Dan Zink was hired as an Assistant Minister in 1989, and he and his wife Carol were active in providing a puppet ministry program for the children on Wednesday nights until he left in 1990. Derrik Jeter provided leadership for the youth. In the spring of 1990, Pastor Charlie Chase resigned to start a new church with a different style of worship with contemporary music. About a fourth of the membership from NCPC left to become part of this new church.

The session hired Bob Palmer to serve as an Interim Pastor; then several months later, called him to serve as pastor. In 1992, the church called David Farbishel to be an Assistant Pastor, and he stayed until 1994. In 1990 Dorothy Kirby had assumed the role of church secretary as well as financial officer, a duty which she had performed for many years. She retired in 1992. Volunteers filled the office until Joyce Brannon became secretary in 1993. Bob Kosban served as Youth Minister in 1990, followed by James Grogan in 1991-1993. Devon Hamilton continued to lead the music program with Sue Johnston serving as his organist. Under Rev. Palmer leadership, several VBS’s were held in combination with Lakeside and Town East Presbyterian Churches as well as a Family Conference which was held at Eastfield College. The sanctuary front area was remodeled and the sanctuary and foyer were repainted. Charles Cobb was hired as the Associate Pastor in charge of outreach in 1993. During this time several new members were added from John Knox Presbyterian Church. Rev. Don Riley became an Associate Minister for Education and Youth 1994-1996. Rev. Riley instituted special breakfasts for almost every holiday. When Pastor Palmer left in 1995, Rev. Cobb took over all responsibilities until a new pastor was hired in 1997.

Jeff Weir became the pastor in the summer of 1997, and he was assisted by several seminary students as Youth Leaders: Simon Lim, part of 1998; Bill Marshman, 1998-1999; Aaron Hall, 1999-2000, and Jeff Daley, 2000-2001. Devon Hamilton continued to serve as Music Director, assisted by organist Barbara Drill, 1996-2003, followed by Don Reasons in 2003. Part of the Wednesday night program included a Children’s Choir led by Molly Brown. Steve Thompson was hired to design and install a stained glass window to replace the plastic one in the Sanctuary and new outside signs were placed. Bill Abbott and Joe LaBay remodeled the kitchen and storage room. Several members participated in summer Mission trips to Juarez, retreats to Salado, a basketball camp, and Saturday night outreach programs organized by John Johnson to invite others to our church. After much discussion on the feasibility to unite with a new church called New St. Peter’s which was being formed by Park Cities Presbyterian, several families left to become part of this mission church. However, several members remained to call a new pastor. During the interim, Dan Wilensky and Devon Hamilton led the church’s worship while Joyce Brannon and Charles Pipes oversaw the office and administrative areas of the church.

In the spring of 2004, Dr. Paul Brown accepted the call to New Covenant, and Mai Brown became the church secretary. Pastor Brown has been assisted by several Pastoral Interns: Joel St. Clair, 2005-2007; Scott Mitchell, 2007-2008; Thom Vars, 2007-2011 and Kenneth Kneip, 2008-2011. Charles Pipes volunteered his time to serve as the church Administrator for many years and retired in 2008. Mai Brown added his duties to her responsibilities following Charles Pipes retirement.

The church continues to keep their facilities renovated. A memorial gift for Betty Worley made it possible to add long-needed restrooms to the Fellowship Hall in 2004. The Diaconate approved the plans to have Pastor Paul Brown, along with the help of Ken Prentice, Nader Fangary, and Kevin Hamilton renovate the Fellowship Hall in 2007. In 2009 WIC (Women In the Church) transformed a room off the Narthex into a beautiful Parlor. WIC also paid for the materials to have both restrooms in the sanctuary remodeled with the work done by Pastor Paul Brown, Kevin Hamilton, Curtis Severe and Nader Fangary.

The church continues a Bible centered schedule of ministries. The support of both local and world missions continues to be a high priority. WIC remains active with a Bible Study the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. The men of the church meet on the second Saturday of each month for a prayer breakfast, Bible study, and committee work. We have enjoyed a series of fall retreats to Salado, Granbury, Grapevine, Jefferson and Waxahachie which provides Bible teaching and fellowship each year. We schedule monthly fellowship activities that are both fun and help build strong relationships. We also have a Wednesday evening Fellowship Dinner and Bible Studie on alternating Wednesday evenings during the fall, winter, and spring. Devon Hamilton retired as Choir Director in September 2022 and Mai Brown ended her faithful service as church secretary/treasurer after 19 years.

We are thankful for God’s faithful grace and mercy demonstrated to us through the past seventy years of ministry in the greater Casa Linda community. We look a bit different today. Many raised in the church have moved out of the area and we are a congregation that is comprised of members and attenders 50+. We love the Lord and would love to have you join us on Sunday as we continue to build on the foundation provided by Jesus Christ.