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Paul Brown

Who Is Paul Brown?

Paul Brown has been a pastor since 1982. From 1982 to 2004, he pastored two churches in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church: EPC of Lake City, Michigan (1982-1987) and the Dundalk Presbyterian Church, Dundalk, MD (1987-2004). In 2004 Dr. Brown was called to pastor the New Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA) where he currently serves.

During these years in ministry, much time and attention was given to church health and personal relationships within the church. Utilizing materials from Peacemakers (, RPM Ministries (, and more recently Relational Wisdom 360 (, Paul has learned that contentment in ministry is directly related to one’s personal spiritual health as well as the overall health of the church where one serves.

For the past three years, Paul has also served the North Texas Presbytery, PCA, as the Pastor At Large (PAL). This has provided the opportunity to come along side of pastors and church sessions providing encouragement, counsel, and ongoing support as they worked through challenges in ministry. The purpose of Peach Ministries is to extend this ministry to pastors and churches to the greater DFW area and beyond.

Paul is a Certified Relational Wisdom Instructor ( with Relational Wisdom 360. This new ministry lead by Ken Sande has provided a great opportunity to help individuals and churches grow in their relational engagement and awareness.

Paul and his wife, Mai, have been married for thirty two years. They have two grown children, a son serving in the Unites States Air Force and a married daughter with three children. Paul also enjoys landscaping and caring for his yard, especially his peach trees, and also has found much joy in woodworking, making furniture and other useful products and gifts.

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