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Ten years ago we planted some peach trees. Nothing better than fresh tree ripened peaches in July and August. However, I quickly learned that the joy of the harvest was directly related to the care given to the tree in the ten months before the harvest. In order to enjoy peaches in the summer there needs to be proper pruning and spraying when the tree is dormant in the winter, proper fertilizing in the spring, more spraying in the spring, proper thinning after the first peaches begin to appear, and ongoing weekly spraying to prohibit the fungus, insects, aphids, scale, and mites from killing the tree or harming the fruit. Without proper care when the peach tree is healthy, the fruit will be sparse, the tree will be sick, and the insect and disease could result in death.

I have come to realize that the same basic principles hold true for those in church ministry. Without proper care when the church is healthy, the ‘fruitful results of ministry’ will be sparse, the church may become unhealthy, and the attacks of the enemy could result in death.

The purpose of Peach Ministries is to come along side of pastors to provide the much needed encouragement to help pastor’s face the many challenges of ministry. Paul David Tripp is correct as he describes the role of the pastor as a ‘dangerous calling.’1 Pressures, both real and imagined, put a tremendous strain of pastors and their families. Marriages are at times fragile, parenting can become difficult, the church might even be perceived as the obstacle to true happiness. These pressures, along with the normal challenges of day to day church ministry, results in fatigue, aloneness, depression, and at times the desire to see if there might be something better. When was the last time you thought, “I want to seek another call.”?

Peach Ministries also exists to come along side church leaders, providing the needed encouragement and tools to build healthy relationships and work through challenging decisions so that the church is able to maintain peace, purity, and unity. Remember it is what you do when the church is apparently healthy that will prepare you for the challenges that will eventually cross the path ahead.

Peach Ministries - Pastoral Encouragement and Church Health

Peach Ministries provides coaching through email or phone, on location meetings for encouragement or church health planning, live seminars that build church relationships,2 along with more extensive encouragement and care for those facing more significant ministry challenges. Email today to learn how Peach Ministries can help you maintain personal and church health so that your ministry and church will have a fruitful harvest in the years ahead.


1 Paul David Tripp, Dangerous Calling (Crossway Publishing)
2 Dr. Paul Brown is a Certified Relational Wisdom Instructor, contact him to learn how to bring a Discovering Relational Wisdom Seminar to your church (
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